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Name:McCoy/Chekov Slash
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Old school, new school, RPS - we wants it, as long as it's McCoy/Chekov (or the respective actors)

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a couple of rules:

All fiction must have some type of header, including a rating, disclaimer, and warnings for rape and/or non-consensual sexual content.

All RPS must be labeled as such!

All fic should be posted behind a cut (yes, even drabbles.)

Cross-posting is okay, but please do not link to locked posts.

Please put icons, picspams behind a cut; you may post teasers outside the cut - one photo, or three icons.

Have fun, play nice, and share with the class!

mod contact:

Your mod is [personal profile] gblvr; if you need me for any reason, send a PM, or comment to any post under the ~mod tag.


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